Rufus Hankey is Chairman of Nowcom Corporation and serves on the Board of Directors of each of the Hankey Group of companies.

Rufus Hankey graduated from University of Southern California in 1995 and joined the Hankey Group in the sales department at Midway Ford. Throughout his 5 year tenure at Midway Ford, Rufus worked his way up to General Sales Manager and was instrumental in allowing Midway Ford to achieve record profit margins. This experience and the knowledge he gained in the retail automobile industry have greatly impacted Rufus’ outlook and the manner in which Rufus approaches his duties to this day.

Nowcom Corporation had been founded in 1996 for the purposes of becoming an ISP. Rufus joined Nowcom in 2000 and was appointed President later that year. Upon his arrival at Nowcom, Rufus effectively reinvented the company by stripping down the staff and rebuilding it with a new focus on the automobile industry.

Today Nowcom has over 10,000 automobile dealers subscribing to Nowcom’s services. The company continues to gain market share while increasing the product offering to its dealer base.

Rufus Hankey was born, raised and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.